What kind of electronics do I take with me when I go travel:

For me my smart phone is really importent to take with me when traveling. I use quiet allot off apps that come in hand while traveling.
I am using an Iphone since it was introduces and I think this is the best smartphone thats out there. This is just my opinion, I know allot of people also prefer a Android device like the ones from Samsung.
You can find my favorite travel apps here.

At every destination page Ill show you where you can get a simcard for that specific country.

Just one note, if you are bringing an tablet with you when traveling you could also bring a simple phone with you.

There are quiet allot of camera for sale and i used quiet a few brands already.
I started with a Canon 350D with some simple lenses from there I went on to buy the Canon 40D, I loved this camera and took quiet a few good shots.
But you have to know, all this gear is quiet heavy to carry with you everywhere, especially when your backpacking. So I decided to sell everything and went on with a point and shoot camera from Panasonic. This one i used for a year and that wasn’t enough for me so i started looking for the mirrorless camera’s.

After doing some research i found out that the camera’s from Sony did very well and where all having an APS-C sensors, so i bought the Sony 5R with some lenses. The set is so small and weighs so much less then the Canon set I use to have. The quality of the sensor and the lenses aren’t as great as the ones from Canon but it does come close. For me that’s enough.

I am thinking about upgrading the Sony 5R body with the Sony A6000 body. This body is allot faster in terms of focusing and is more accurate as well.
I got the following lenses: Sony 18-55mm, Sony 55-210mm, Sony 50mm, Sigma 30mm. I am saving for the Carl Zeiss 12mm or Sony 10 -18mm.

Action Camera:
GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

Bluetooth Speaker:
The one I use is the Harman Kardon Esquire, it’s absolutely great and it sounds really good.

I always bring my Ipad with me. It’s great for when you’re traveling by plane or traveling long distances by train or bus. I always save up allot series before I go so I can watch them during traveling. It’s also good for writing down your travel stories.

Battery pack:
Nearly every device now a days uses usb to charge. So i bought myself a battery pack with 11.200 mAh, I can charge my phone, ipad, speaker and camera with it.
I bought the Yoobao YB-642 and I am very happy with it, it can charge my Iphone up to 2,5 times.